Fotoincontro Cultural Association organises an International photographic contest called “Tuscany Photo Award” which both amateur and professional photographers worldwide may take part in. Should a participant not be held compliant with the standards and the spirit of the contest, he/she may be excluded from the competition. Images that somehow for different reasons may harm the contest are not accepted.

The statistics, the jury’s minutes and all the works, both the awarded photos and those simply admitted,will be published in the website and there will stay until the following contest edition.The results will be communicated to all participants by e-mail.

The organisers and all those involved in the event as well as their relatives will not be allowed to take part in the competition.


Label ISF n° 36/2019 – License GPU n° L190134-M1G – Recogniton IAAP 2019/078 – Patronage IUP 2018-09-20


  • Closing date: 20 September 2019
  • First meeting of the jury: 22/23 September 2019
  • Communication of results by e-mail: 8 October 2019
  • Second meeting of the jury: 12/20 October 2019
  • Communication of final results by e-mail: 31 October 2019
  • Award ceremony: Saturday 7 December 2019
  • Stay awarded to the contest winner: 1-8 December 2019
  • Sending of unclaimed prizes: 31 December 2019
  • Sending of catalogue in PDF: 31 December 2019
  • Sending of paper catalogue, where applicable: 31 December 2019


The competition will include the following themes:

  • A) Travel (B/W or colour photos)
  • B) Journalism (B/W or colour photos)
  • C) Nature ( B/W or colour photos)
  • D) Landscape (B/W or colour photos)
  • E) Architecture (B/W or colour photos)
  • F) People (B/W or colour photos)
  • G) Sport (B/W or colour photos)
  • H) Creativity (B/W or colour photos)
  • I) Free Colour (colour photos only)
  • L) Free Black and White (for black and white or monochrome photos only)

For each theme a maximum of 4 photos are allowed.
The photos submitted for one theme cannot be presented for another theme.
Colour photos cannot also be presented in B/W and viceversa.
All photographs will have to be sent through the appropriate form in the website


Travel: a travel photo is an image that conveys a sense of time and place, portrays a land , its people or a culture in its natural condition and has no geographical limitations.

Journalism: a photojournalistic entry or reportage faithfully documents well identifiable facts and aims at telling the lives of people at ordinary or extraordinary moments of their daily lives.

Nature: a nature photo includes both astronomic and underwater images, as well as wildlife pictures in a natural background, up to more focussed macro or micro shots of subjects in their natural condition.

Landscape: landscape photography portrays world spaces that may be in turn either huge and borderless or extremely confined, and may include rural or urban areas, both natural or industrial.

Architecture: architecture photography shows an overall view or details of a building in its urban or non-urban context, and aims at pointing out its beauty .

People:a photograph of people, which may also include a portrait, can show one person only or a group of people whose expression, personality or mood are captured at a certain moment.

Sport:a sports photo focusses on sports events conveying the effort and strain of the athletes, the cheering in the stands, the disappointment for failing and the joy for winning, in a riot of emotions.

Creativity: creative photography may be referred to in a thousand different ways, all of them equally valid in this section, from photographic elaboration, achieved either on computer or with other means, to still life.

Colour photos: colour is a phenomenon the eye can perceive and photocameras are built similarly, therefore all images having one or more colours belonging to the chromatic scale are accepted.

Black and white photos: B/W photography often enhances the sense of drama in the image, making the picture more true-to life than colour which, in some cases, may confuse the onlooker. Photos in this section may also be monochromatic.


All images must be in jpg format, in colour space sRGB, pixel size 1920 in the longest side and must not exceed 4Mb each.


Best contest author
To be awarded best author of the Tuscany Photo Award an author will have to have the highest number of works admitted in the ten thematic areas. In the event of a tie the highest score will prevail, in the event of a further draw the quality and number of the prizes won will be taken into account.
The winning author will be awarded a prize of 1000.00 US $ as refunds of expenses and attendance fee for the award ceremony and a trophy.

Best photo in each theme
Within each of the 10 themes, the jury will incontestably award the work held to be the best a trophy and a prize of 100,00 US$ as a refund of expenses and attendance fee for the award ceremony.

Within each theme three medals (gold, silver and bronze) are to be awarded.

Honorable Mentions
Within each theme 7 Honourable Mentions areavailable, to be awarded to the best deserving works.

Total amount of prizes: 102 awards and 2000,00 US$ offered as refunds.

Prizes cannot be cumulative within the same theme but they can through different themes. This means that an author can win one only prize per theme.
Unclaimed prizes will be sent to their winning authors.


To enter the competition, participation fees shall have to be paid through PayPal according to the terms “ send money to a member of family or friend” to the following e-mail address: No other forms of payment are allowed.

Photos, whose authors have not submitted the enrolment fee in due time, shall not be admitted.

Individual participation fees are as follows:

  • Entering 1 to 3 themes: € 20 or $ 22
  • Entering 4 to 6 themes: € 25 or $ 28
  • Entering 7 to 10 themes: € 30 or $ 33

Discounts for photo clubs are available.


Every photo submitted with the registration form will be given a reference number, therefore there is no need to rename your files. What matters the most is for you to insert the right title (25 characters maximum) in the appropriate square in the registration form.


The copyright on the forwarded images is the author’s property; it is taken for granted that who sends the photos is their legitimate owner.

On sending his/her images an entrant shall irrevocably consent to the Promoters publishing the photographs free of charge, for purposes connected to the competition such as the catalogue, the website, or for any other use held necessary.

No potograph taking part in the contest shall ever be used for commercial gain.

Every author is held responsible for handling the subject matter of his/her images along with what has been stated in the registration form.

Every author is held responsible for handling the subject matter of his/her images, and authorises their publication on non-profit terms.


We inform you, according to the article. 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 04/27/2016, hereinafter referred to as GDPR (General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data), that the personal data provided as part of the international Tuscany Photo Award, photography contest will be collected and recorded by the Fotoincontro – on paper, electronic and / or computerized and / or telematics media- protected and treated in ways that ensure security and confidentiality in accordance with GDPR regulations. We inform you that the data provided to us will only be used for strictly related and instrumental purposes to the event. To this end, as part of the Initiative, your data may be published online on the competition website ( or / and in the competition catalog. The data is required in order to be able to participate in the competition. We inform you that you may exercise in your capacity as an interested person, you have the rights referred to in art. 15 RGPD (including, by way of example, the rights to obtain confirmation of the existence of data concerning it and their intelligibly communication, the indication of the methods of processing, updating, rectification or integration of data, cancellation) by request without formalities to the Data Controller. The owner of the data processing is the Fotoincontro with legal headquarters in Via Roma 2 in Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Florence, through its own president, temporary, Silvano Monchi.


The jury is International and its members are all well-experienced in photography and photographic contests.

All photos shall be judged from category to category separately, without the judges knowing the authors’ names.

The voting will take place in an anonimous manner. Each judge will assess the images for their visual impact, technique, composition, communicative strength and personal emotions. No sponsors will be included in the jury or will be allowed to take part in the contest.

All images within one single theme shall be assessed online by the three judges, indipendently from where they are placed, in a random manner and not in the order in which they have been submitted by the author. Within each theme the photos will go on to join the next step for the awarding of prizes, on account of the obtained score.


Travel and Creativity:

  • Saeed Al Shamsi (Emirati Arabi)
  • Carlo Diana (Belgio)
  • Juan Francisco Palmer Picornell (Spagna)

Free colour and Journalism:

  • Abhishek Basak (India)
  • Manolis Metzachis (Grecia)
  • André Torrès (Francia)

Nature and Landscape:

  • Najla Angawi (Arabia Saudita)
  • Marco Merello (Italia)
  • Thomas Wiemer (Germania)

People and Sport:

  • Eugenio Fieni (Italy)
  • John Law (Inghilterra)
  • Veniero Rubboli (Italia)

Free Black and White and Architecture:

  • Jorge Blanco (Argentina)
  • Ly Hoang Long (Vietnam)
  • Biagio Salerno (Italia)


The organization of the contest will produce a catalogue in PDF with all awarded works, which will be sent to all participants, free of charge, by wetransfer. Moreover a paper catalogue (dimensions 22×22 cm) will be available and it will be sent, upon request (minimum 10), at the price of € 12.00 + shipping costs.


Though the organizers will attempt to treat all submitted works with the utmost care, they are not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the sending of entries, whatever the cause.
Participation in the contest requires complete and unconditional acceptance of the present regulations, whose full knowledge is taken for granted.