About the Project

  • Amici

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Raul Villalba was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He began to venture into the world of photography at the age of 17. From there he never left this activity that he decided to take developing all his creativity. Over time he became one of the most recognized creative photographers both nationally and internationally. He worked through all the branches of photography: as an advertising photographer, portrait artist, creative photographic illustrator for book covers, albums, stories and poems by numerous and important publishers in his country. His images were reproduced in posters and cards of different countries, which are easily marketed in the consumer market, obtaining a great repercussion. He has participated in the most important photographic contests in Argentina and around the world, obtaining large number of prizes in the most diverse countries like France, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, Brazil, Luxembourg, etc. He made numerous collective and individual photographic shows in cultural centers and art galleries, all with a resounding success and excellent reviews.