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Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra (Muskiz, Bizkaia, Spain, 1974). self-taught photographer, began his career back in 2010 discovering a passion that was unknown, the beginning do little more than encourage their concerns are increasing making try almost all disciplines of photography, highlighting mainly in sports photography, and architectural photography. Member of the Photographic Association Zuri-Beltza (Bilbao) from 2013, belonging to the Federation of Photoassociation of the Basque Country (EHATE), in turn a member of the Spanish Confederation of Photography (CEF) since 2014 and the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) since 2014. It has the distinctions MCEF / b (Master of the Spanish Confederation of Photography) and EFIAP / b (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art), also in the Who’s Who of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) in the Top 2 in the photojournalism category (2015 and in the Top 4 in 2016). Currently working part time as an independent photographer, making collaborations with magazines such as the BAO Bilbao Magazine, and for different sports promoters such as MGZ Promotions, Euskobox etc. He has managed numerous medals of FIAP, PSA, GPU, IUP, DPA, UPI, CVB, ISF, PCA (30 FIAP Gold Medals and around 50 PSA Gold Medals, just over 200 awards and more than 1000 acceptances by various international photographic salons in the last year and a half. My latest and most relevant awards – Sport Photographer of the Year 2017 International Photography Awards –Spain 2017nIUP Gold Medal PJD 3rd IUP International Photographic Exhibition 2017 – Hong Kongn2 photos Comended at Sony World Photography awards 2017 London Category of Motion – Best Author of the International Tour Grand Tour delle Colline 2017 ITALIA (Grand Tour Trophy) – Winner EMEA Region – Europe, Middle East and Africa, CBRE Urban Photographer of the year 2016 New York USAn2nd Place Category sports in the PDN Adrenaline Photography Contest 2017, New York USA. 3rd Plac